Effects of Advance Technology such as Artificial Intelligence ( AI) Machine Learning (ML) and other technologies on Mankind  and how AI&ML will change our future

From time immemorial, any breakthrough in terms of technology has pushed the limits of man’s capabilities in terms of what they can achieve. Mechanization, mass production, automation and IoT over the time provided the new potential to the for reaching new heights. Artificial intelligence is the new buzz word. The scientists claim that it can bring forth the 5th industrial revolution. Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Solutions driven by deep learning/Machine learning software will be fuelling this revolution globally and changing the technological landscape worldwide.

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Advance AI and deep learning algorithms coupled with increased computational power are now capable of processing tonnes of data that was not possible earlier. Further, machine learning algorithms are capable of picking insights that were not apparent to humans before. Both of these, together, are giving way for many new technological breakthroughs and presenting firms with a competitive edge in the present business environment. In the present-day scenario, focus of any AI development company is to exploit these capabilities to come up with solutions & test cases that can replace mundane tasks currently being done by humans. E.g. data entry, subtitling, article generation etc.

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Demand for deep learning service providers or Machine Learning as-a-service provider is increasing at an exponential rate as they enhance any firms’ technological capabilities, reduces their maintenance and operation cost, and saves their productive time. The key challenges for any tech organization can be easily met by the employment of technologies using big data and cloud computing. Firms now can direct their workforce to more critical tasks and plan for the growth of their organization. 

Not even a single industry remain untouched by artificial intelligence. To name a few: manufacturing, transportation, health care, marketing, media and entertainment, finance, telecommunication. Artificial intelligence is influencing all aspects of human life, e.g. the way we shop, learn, consume, generate content, diagnosis of diseases, production techniques, investments and the list goes on. Many tech giants and firms are investing in advance AI and deep learning profoundly.

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AT present, the major artificial intelligence market resides in the west, but it is forecasted that the Asia Pacific region like India will be emerging as a future leader. Company build around artificial intelligence In India Like Deepiotics attracting the users/business towards the technology. Any AI company in India can be anticipated to have a bright future because artificial intelligence in India is in a nascent stage and the best-emerging company like Deepiotics.com are the pioneered in the same. 

Many scientists anticipate that the future with AI is bright where everybody will be more productive and there will be enough for everyone. Historically, any technological breakthrough has led to layoffs for the older generation of the workforce. Contrary to that, these technological improvements have generated more employment as well. It is being said, to stay relevant in the future coding will be a must requirement on the curriculum-vitae. Everyone will be required to have some level of programming knowledge to accomplish their day to day tasks. Present time, there is high demand of people who are apt in Machine learning (ML) and deep learning platforms, and it is increasing day by day. There are many tech firms making these requirements mandatory for the vacancies.


Scientists today, are focussed on developing AGI – Artificial General Intelligence, an intelligence that can learn independently. A new superintelligence. Some scientists predict that AGI may become a reality in the next four decades and others say it won’t be ready in the next hundred years. However, the main challenge is to ensure that technology is used for a greater good. People also feel anxious that the new superintelligence can lead to redundancy of human intelligence.

Scientist suggests that the only solution to this problem can be the development of human intelligence parallel to artificial general intelligence. If this technological breakthrough is not handled correctly the repercussions on humanity can be severe, as we have already seen in the case of nuclear energy. Our life is going to revolve around this new technology in future. How we adapt to it, and make constructive use of it, lies in our hand. 

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