AI Consultancy

Our experts help professionals, start-ups and enterprises to develop and integrate AI technologies. We will work with you through all the stages, from gathering business requirements and defining the action plan to user training and continuous maintenance.

Costs reduction

AI Consultancy

Our AI consulting services provide most efficient mode of implementation to you. We will understand the actual scope of your requirements before we come up with an optimal AI strategy. Recognizing your challenges and capabilities,

Costs reduction

End to End AI Development

We develop, customize, and redesign AI-driven systems at any project stage. We are capable of taking up complex tasks, feeding on our expertise in data science, backend development, cloud computing, and integration, From understanding requirements to deployment and End user training, we will be with you.

Costs reduction

Experienced Project Team

The team consists of Data Scientist, Staticians, Cloud Experts, Mobile App developers and Testers. We have successfully completed projects in Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Deep Learning.

High Accuracy

Higher Accuracy

We engineer your applicatiosn that works with full concentration rather than an subconsious human mind, hence they are more accurate. No AI system runs on poor or incorrect data, hence our expert will audit and verify data with your requirements and goals.

High Accuracy

Regulatory Compliance

While handling data we take care of regulatory compliance, such as HIPPA and GDPR

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Our typical project consist of stages we describe below.
Depending on specificity of each task some parts might be longer, shorter or skipped.


Preparing Rough Proposal for the Development (Exploration)

Input: research and project constraints.
Deliverable: scope of work, schedule, budget and client’s kick-off meeting.
Time frame: 1-2 weeks.

Initial Review of the Task (Audit)

Start: internal kick-off meeting with Team leaders.
Deliverable: assessment of what can be done based on our experience solving similar tasks and current modern solutions.We evaluate the potential of your existing data, software infrastructure and technology to deploy AI systems and workflows. We discover the right AI technology and tools for bringing improvement
Time frame: 3-5 days.

Research and Technology Selection

Input: detailed understanding of a project objectives, their feasibility and performance requirements.
Deliverable: review/testing of most promising approaches, discusion and approval of a testing protocol that will be used for quality evaluation during further development, prepare detail plan for further development.
Time frame: 1-3 weeks.

Proof of Concept

Product Pilot and Technology Validation

Input: technology and hypotesys.
Deliverable: realization of the certain idea to demonstrate feasibility.
Time frame: 4-8 weeks.

Product Pilot and Technology Validation

Input: technology and hypotesys.
Deliverable: We experiment with a small-scale system.
Time frame: 4-8 weeks.


Development Improvements of the Product to Make it Production Ready

Input: initial prototype.
Deliverable: Average team may vary but 2 roles are permanent
• Team lead, who shares vision and provide technician exportation and quality of code.
• Project manager, helps you to find and check several routines questions in the project and provide a short and useful report each week.
Time frame: Duration of this stage significantly depends on the tasks and results achieved during the development of the initial prototype.

Following this cycle allows us to take full responsibility for development of product
approved by the client and make sure that everything will be completed as expected and on time.

Our Clients Speaks

Machine Vision Problems

I recommend them highly for any sophisticated image analysis or machine vision tasks.

Implemented Retrographic sensing for the measurement of surface texture and shape.

Ashok, CEO

AI based tool for
Medical Imaging

The team is professional and are expert with AI technologies.Within short span they developed AI model for us which is working very well. We are now working with the team again on projects requiring vision expertise.

Deepiotics team built us a phenomenally effective disease detection system using X-ray, tuned to the corpus of images.

Kishore Shah,
ESDS Software Solutions

Interactive Voice Based Assessment System

The team did an excellent job working on our projects. Great NLP developers with hard working and self-motivated team. I hope to work with them on future projects.

Project was set up to build a proof of concept for computer vision. Based on the results, we started a larger project.

NDA Signed
US Based Client

Great ML developer company

We partnered Deepiotics for developing Prediction algorithm for very large data set generated from iOT sensors placed in Cars. The team did an excellent job developing the model. We were pleased by a hard-working and self-motivated team. We felt they were really committed to our project. I hope to work with them again on future projects.

NDA Signed
Leading Vehicle Manufacturer from India