About Deepiotics

We work with clients to solve complex business challenges by building machine learning products, tools, & services.

The Start of a Startup

We started as freelance consultants with one room in November 2018. Serving researchers, doctors, professors in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. Eventually our good work paid out, and Deepiotics is found, today our team is working on some of the most innovative projects in AI and ML for our clients across the globe.

Who we are?

We are the team of experienced Research Scientists, IT engineers, AI/ML veterans, specializing in, Research & Development, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Data Science,Data Analytics, QA & Testing, Workforce Training.
We have consulted and developed AI-enabled solutions for startup and enterprises, depending on your project’s requirements. Our services also include AI Roadmap Planning, Budget Planning, AI use case identification, Data Collection, Data Analytics, Development, AI Accuracy improvement, Code Review, QA & Testing.

Join Our Team

Interested in tackling the world’s problems with AI? At Deepiotics you will work with the talented data scientists, Research Scientist, engineers, and leaders to advance and deploy Artificial Intelligence.

Our Clients Speaks

Machine Vision Problems

I recommend them highly for any sophisticated image analysis or machine vision tasks. Implemented Retrographic sensing for the measurement of surface texture and shape.
- Ashok, CEO Biddano

AI based tool for Medical Imaging

The team is professional and are expert with AI technologies.Within short span they developed AI model for us which is working very well. We are now working with the team again on projects requiring vision expertise. Deepiotics team built us a phenomenally effective disease detection system using X-ray, tuned to the corpus of images.
- Kishore Shah, CEO SPOCHUB ESDS Software Solutions

Interactive Voice Based Assessment System

The team did an excellent job working on our projects. Great NLP developers with hard working and self-motivated team. I hope to work with them on future projects. Project was set up to build a proof of concept for computer vision. Based on the results, we started a larger project.
- NDA Signed US Based Client

Great ML developer company

We partnered Deepiotics for developing Prediction algorithm for very large data set generated from iOT sensors placed in Cars. The team did an excellent job developing the model. We were pleased by a hard-working and self-motivated team. We felt they were really committed to our project. I hope to work with them again on future projects.
- NDA Signed Leading Vehicle Manufacturer from India