Corona Detection from CXR

CovidXTrail analyses chest X-rays in minutes and assist healthcare professionals in detecting signs of Covid-19

Augmenting Radiologists diagnostic ability using Artificial Intelligence for Chest Xray Analysis.

The AI solution is trained with thousands of X-rays verified by Radiologists and hence provide better accuracy which lead to increasing the productivity of radiologists by automating time-consuming and low cognitive value tasks.

Medical Imaging Data

Partnered with Hospitals, world renowned academic and private clinics to get the data we need.

Radiology Expertise

Our team has experienced Radiologists to evaluate and validate data and findings.

AI Experts

We design custom AI algorithms to achieve higher accuracy and use state-of-the-art technologies

Automated Number Plate Recognition


Add intelligence to any IP Camera using

Deepiotic's unique Automated Licence Plate Recognizer

Add intelligence to any IP Camera using Deepiotic's unique Automated Licence Plate Recognizer Cost Effective, Fast and Reliable solution for your Home, Office and Industries.


Works with Blurry Images


Check In and Out of Vehicles


Track Vehicle Movement


Custom Dashboarding for easy tracking


Integrate with existing applications


Available at very competitive rate

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Conversational AI


We are shaping the future of customer engagement - today.

Empower Your Business with VOICE

Let AI take care of Interviews, Assesments, Onboarding, Form Filling Embrace Voice Now !.


Reduce costs
Increases operational efficiency by improving agent utilization, reduce manual work


Understand Emotions
We develop AI Agents that have sense of context, emotions, and sentiments to provide an intelligent human-like, conversational response.


Intelligent Bots
Synonymous phrases and “intent are taken care”


Integrate Business Logic
Seamlessly integrate your business logic.


Save all conversation in database, and get reporting


Experts that works with your team

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Our Clients Speaks

Machine Vision Problems

I recommend them highly for any sophisticated image analysis or machine vision tasks.

Implemented Retrographic sensing for the measurement of surface texture and shape.

Mr. Ashok Yadav,
CEO, Biddano

AI based tool for
Medical Imaging

The team is professional and are expert with AI technologies.Within short span they developed AI model for us which is working very well. We are now working with the team again on projects requiring vision expertise.

Deepiotics team built us a phenomenally effective disease detection system using X-ray, tuned to the corpus of images.

Kishore Shah,
ESDS Software Solutions

Interactive Voice Based Assessment System

The team did an excellent job working on our projects. Great NLP developers with hard working and self-motivated team. I hope to work with them on future projects.

Project was set up to build a proof of concept for computer vision. Based on the results, we started a larger project.

NDA Signed
US Based Client

Great ML developer company

We partnered Deepiotics for developing Prediction algorithm for very large data set generated from iOT sensors placed in Cars. The team did an excellent job developing the model. We were pleased by a hard-working and self-motivated team. We felt they were really committed to our project. I hope to work with them again on future projects.

NDA Signed
Leading Vehicle Manufacturer from India